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This special edition of The Importance of Being Earnest offers a unique experience for both avid fans of Oscar Wilde and newcomers to his work. The production features a never-before-seen presentation, carefully curated to capture the essence of Wilde’s wit and charm. With a limited release, this classic movie promises to delight audiences with its timeless humor and sharp social commentary

Executive Producer

Peter Anthony Andrews


Known for his keen eye for artistic excellence and commitment to preserving the essence of literary classics, Peter Anthony Andrews brings a wealth of experience and passion to the project. Peter’s Andrews is among the most storied executives in the history of the film and television industry, having served as Vice President of Primetime Programming at NBC, Senior Vice President at Columbia Pictures, Executive Vice President at MGM Studios, and the founder of the famed Warner Bros. Writers’ Workshop—the longest running and most successful program of its kind. Under his guidance, this Special Edition of The Importance of Being Earnest is sure to dazzle audiences and capture the spirit of Wilde’s remarkable work

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